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Featuring as a cantankerous old git (“they wanted Scrooge, they got me”), Tim has appeared type-cast in a hat-trick third in-a-row Christmas commercial, this time for Currys PC World. Recently, he snuck off to Milan to film some indoor golfing for IKEA Italia. In a pink shirt with yellow trousers.


At six foot five, Tim (now reduced to being the third tallest in his family) is a reasonably patrician-looking actor: grey, balding and wrinkled. He publicly welcomes guesses as to his age and latest estimates have ranged from sixty-three to seventy-five. Most people suggest sixty-nine. According to a Viennese studio runner recently, Tim’s wrinkled physiognomy in German would be described as faltig. ‘I’m deceptively old,’ she was informed. ‘It’s just that I’ve not worn well.’

Tim attended ALRA for a very postgraduate year in 1993/4. Since then, he has always played older than himself, but long gone are the days of being obliged to paint own his hair white for appearances on stage and screen. From serious to high camp, his favourite roles have been Osborne in Journey’s End, Captain Hook (twice), generic old bores in Agatha Christie, country solicitors, doctors, a probably paedophile undertaker in Chaos & Cadavers and (of course) mad professors for Sooty and Chucklevision.

Since first cracking open this site in 2014, there have been two drag queens (thus making his mother very proud), a sexual deviant, a man who frightens children, a Catholic priest, a camp theatrical agent and a mad professor. Since being represented by Agent Lawrence at Wintersons, he has been the right-hand Twix manager for a Russian commercial, a butler for Richards Russian tea (twice), a moustachioed John Cleese character for Irish Life, a Grandpa for Kinder Eggs and Mr Claus (or Father Christmas, as we know him here) to Janet McTeer’s Mrs Claus in the spectacular 2016 Marks & Spencer’s Christmas commercial. For Christmas 2017, Tim played Grandpa (to granddaughter Brooke Haynes) in the Asda Imaginarium commercial. During the same week, on the centenary of the Balfour Declaration, the chilling short film 100, Balfour Road was launched. Tim plays Sir Arthur Balfour (with moustache, pipe and walking stick). This has entailed Tim delivering an apology on behalf of the British Empire to a thousand Palestinians gathered in Milan. 2018 was Currys PC World, and who know s what will happen this year.

Having performed in so many pantos and Christmas shows, Tim has no fear of teenagers. In the world outside, Tim has taught “Drama” (whatever that is) and coached Grade 8 LAMDA in Acting, Devising and Public Speaking for International students. He also potters about the countryside giving “interesting talks” to Probus, Women’s Institute and Rotary Club groups.

For further comedy insights into some of the jobs mentioned, have a look at the actorish blogs section.