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Friends from the age of thirteen at boarding school, Sean and Cyril seem inseparable.

Sean is one of the lads: kindly, complacent, unremarkable, a past-master in conflict avoidance. He’s a young man with big plans – but with no chance of achieving them.

Cyril is extrovert, musical, handsome – a monstrously talented superstar in the making. A leader amongst men, a magnet amongst women, Cyril keeps Sean just where he wants him: in his shadow.

But behind the glitz and the glamour, behind the persona of the sex-god and creative egomaniac, there are always victims. Conduct Inappropriate  is the story of two fathers – one driven, one not – who choose not to shoulder the burden of their own responsibilities. Prioritising elsewhere, they inevitably fail those who should love them best.

As Cyril’s career blossoms, Sean is left behind to wallow in his own unhappy mediocrity. Can he learn to acknowledge his own weaknesses, and will he ever resolve the conflicting emotions he feels for a former friend?