Irish Life Commercial

Posted on Mar 13, 2016 in Commercials

Casting director: Jon Levene

View Commercial: Irish Life Commercial

Excellent News Update: I have been taken on by the extraordinarily adept and energetic Agent L (for Lawrence) from Wintersons Talent Management (and, lordie-lord, my talent needs all the management it can get.)

Within hours – minutes, in fact – Agent L sends me to a first casting. Apparently, they want a long-faced moustachioed man (I currently have the face but not the tash) and so I nip into the toilets to append the hirsute upper lip decoration I carry with me at all times. It evidently works a treat (nobody spotted it was glued on) because now I’m off to Majorca with Amber Doyle and Nigel Boyle. (Thinking of changing my name to Timothy Moyle out of solidarity.)

I am to arse around in a slice of cardboard aeroplane, squeezing the excellent Nigel’s knee (or Nigel’s excellent knee, if you prefer) until the Irish clients are satisfied.

In a spare moment, whilst Nige lurks in a café watching his team lose, Amber and I take to hired bikes and wobble along the coast to the west of Palma. Nice work if you can get it.

Tim on bicycle