The Mute Series: Dress Code (18)

Posted on Jun 12, 2016 in Short Film

(Buttock shot)

View Comedy Short: Dress Code

Casting Directors: Kate and Lou Casting

In a stiff north-easterly, and in the company of my ‘wife’ for the morning (she who wishes to remain anonymous for personal reasons), I parade along the beach at Broadstairs. The director is Andrew Lambert, whose Mute Series is winning awards at film festivals all over the world. If you’re a consenting adult, have a look at Dress Code and the rest of Andrew’s work but don’t be drinking a hot beverage at the time. You’re liable to snort it down your nose.

More than that I cannot say, but have a look at this two-minute miniature now released. If I revealed the punchline, I’d have to kill myself.