Body Language (The Slave to Beauty Series)

How long can a man escape his past with his virtue intact?

A gripping 58,000-word erotic comedy – and the first in the Slave to Beauty trilogy – Body Language is Tim Bartholomew’s tender treatment of love… with devastating depictions of lust.

From the very moment their lives collide in London’s fashionable Pimlico area, winsome Andrew and the ravishing Bryony become soulmates. They might be fearless when it comes to joyful sexual experimentation in the most unlikely of public landmarks, but their love and courage is really put to the test when Bryony is sent to the other side of the planet. Andrew, a private French tutor, is soon engulfed in a sexual tsunami unleashed by a former admirer bent on revenge. Innocent and trusting, Andrew stands little chance against the machinations of a craven older woman determined to ensnare and enslave him. When she enlists the services of a sex-starved hellcat and a flabby academic, love and desire turn to desperation and misery for Andrew as he strives to escape humiliation and entrapment.

Adoration, desire – and hatred – are expressed through irresistible sexual yearnings in a wittily narrated tale which sets the joys of true love-making against the mindless miseries of cynical fornication, manipulation and near-enslavement. Unconditional love and forgiveness battle it out against the effects of long-term rejection, resentment and sexual opportunism: good sex versus bad.

If you like your books erotically-charged and fast-paced, then you’ll love Tim Bartholomew’s tender treatment of love and his devastating indictment of lust.

Published DEEP DESIRES PRESS 20th May 2018