Love Knot (The Slave to Beauty Series)

Saltwater seduction, treachery and a nautical nightmare…

A seaborne sequel to Body Language and second in the Slave to Beauty trilogy.

Although craving a quiet life out of the public eye, Andrew and Bryony rarely miss an opportunity for erotic fulfilment – even in the most unlikely of historic monuments. But during a supposedly relaxing yachting holiday round the Aegean, Bryony falls under the spell of a cocky and irresistible stallion of the sea. And the result? Maritime-marital meltdown.

But worse is still to come when they sail into a psychological and sexual tempest worthy of the god Neptune himself. If the newlyweds are to make it safely back to dry land and avoid the stranger’s attempts to prove his prowess in a nautical threesome, their love must be tested as never before.

Published DEEP DESIRES PRESS 22nd January 2019