Slave to Beauty

In this fast-paced tale of Beauty and many horny Beasts, Andrew is forced out of his comfort zone in cozy England to follow wherever the beautiful Bryony leads him – trying at all costs to keep virtue and honour intact.

Naïve yet irresistible Andrew Billingham is in love. Meeting the heart-stoppingly gorgeous Bryony whilst out jogging, Andrew falls quite literally head over heels in love with her. He soon realizes that this girl – and the adventurous love-making she brings to his formerly conventional existence – is what’s been missing from his life.

When Bryony’s employers send her to the other side of the world for six months, innocent Andrew falls prey to two vengeful women, one twenty-five years his senior, the other not exactly his ‘cup of tea’. This is when Andrew’s true sexual adventures begin; plunged into a nightmare of unseemly passion and intrigue, he yearns all the more for the loving arms of Bryony.

From their exploits at the hands of a conniving German gentleman, to yacht-bound Aegean struggles with corrupt and sexually rapacious foes at sea, Bryony and Andrew’s adventures take them into ever deeper waters… and ultimately to the salacious world of film in the stifling heat of a Moscow summer where Andrew’s gay inclinations emerge amidst dangerous political unrest.

Yet Andrew is determined to survive unscathed – and without losing the love of his life and the erotic bliss he enjoys with her.How long can a man keep his virtue intact whilst dancing with the twin demons of temptation and lust?

Originally published in three parts, Slave to Beauty collects the complete series of Andrew and Bryony’s steamy ménage adventures. Transporting you through contemporary vistas of England, Russia and the Aegean, this is a tender treatment of true romance and a devastating indictment of vengeful lust. If you enjoy your erotica with a flare of comedy and suspense, buy it now!